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These are definitely text generally utilised in combination with advocate. Click a collocation to check out additional examples of it.

His function being an advocate was to start with not quite continuous, and it left him a good amount of time for lengthy, rambling excursions or raids, as he accustomed to connect with them, in different elements of Scotland and inside the north of England.

From Cambridge English Corpus Authentication is thus helpful for having out from the bind of essentialism wherein advocates of the desire paradigm are trapped.

Enrollment that has a Bar Council also ensures that the legislation degree holder is regarded as an Advocate and is required to take care of a standards of conduct and Expert demeanor all the time, each on and off the occupation.

The Proudfoots have to be rich, for no advocate could appear to have Significantly enterprise in so distant 1 / 4; and John hated them for their prosperity and for his or her identify, and for your sake of your home they desecrated with their existence.

[6] Thereafter, a applicant will have to undertake two a long time of useful expertise in the regulation Workplace working with Jersey legislation, enroll around the Jersey Law Study course supplied by the Institute of Regulation, Jersey[7] and move examinations in 6 topics. Alternatively, somebody might utilize to be a Jersey advocate two several years following qualifying for a Jersey solicitor.

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Backing, supporting & defending -backed undertake argumentation bale out bear guiding each individual wonderful/profitable guy there stands a lady idiom carry favour suitable guiding sb idiom talk sponsor stake stand by sth stand for sth adhere supportive sympathy take sb's section idiom uphold worship at the shrine/altar of sth idiom See a lot more results »

… it makes sense to start with … a good medium-body weight Chardonnay to the wine aficionados. I advocate just one with a bit oak and many fruit …

In Sri Lanka (formally Ceylon) until 1973 Advocate was a practitioner within a court of regulation that is legally competent to prosecute and protect actions in such court within the retainer of clientele. Advocates needed to pass the HSC Examination and enter the Sri Lanka Legislation Higher education and Adhere to the applicable system.

to advocate. He advocated rising the costs. voorstaan يُؤَيِّد، يُنَاصِر препоръчвам defender hájit befürworten anbefale υποστηρίζω, συστήνωrecomendar toetama خواهان چیزی بودن؛ طرفداری کردن suositella recommander לִתְמוֹך, לְהַמְלִיץ वकालत करना zagovarati javasol menganjurkan mæla með sostenere, essere in favore di 主張する 주장하다 siūlyti, patarti aizstāvēt; atbalstīt nasihat aanbevelenanbefale, forfekte zalecać د یو شی غوښتونکی، طرفداری کول preconizar a pleda pentru отстаивать, защищать hájiť priporočiti zagovarati fileörespråka แนะนำ desteklemek, taraftar olmak 提倡 підтримувати; пропагувати حمایت کرنا tán thành 提倡

apologist, justifier, vindicator - a one that argues to defend or justify some coverage or establishment; "an apologist for capital punishment"

Likewise, barristers and solicitors employed as general public prosecutors could possibly be licensed to appear as advocates without the need to move the bar evaluation or undertake additional training: they are permitted only to act therefore only for the period of that work.

an eclectic combination of quantitative study and qualitative interviews for the research of current rural labour transformations.

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